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About fiver forums name

My Fiverr account name and Fiverr Forums Account name are different. Is it any problem to get orders?

Thank advance


You are unlikely to get any sales from being active here on the forum, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Your target customers are not the other people that post here. :wink:

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No, the forum is more-or-less separate from the main site. Having a different name here won’t really affect your business.

If you are worried that forum users won’t be able to find you on the main site, copy and paste your Fiverr profile link in the “web site” section of your forum profile.

To do this, click your display picture in the top right corner > preferences > profile > web site.


There is a little forum bug that sometimes adds a 1 to the end of the username.

I see that you have taken the advice of @ahmwritingco and listed your main Fiverr profile.

However, I also see that you have no gigs on display!

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