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Hello everyone .I am new on fiverr. I want to sell my service through buyer request. I have got many buyer request and i have sent many of them too but they did not response. What can i do for that? Have any rule and regulation to submit buyer request as a new seller on fiverr? I send about 30 buyer request but not response me.Have any buyer request format or git format ?

I have heard that buyer request can be spam. Is it true or false? If it is true then how can i overcome this situation ?


Its great option to start orders.

Are you trying to buy a service through Buyer Requests? Or are you trying to sell your services through Buyer Requests?

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You did not get work because other sellers put better offers to buyers… Try to improve your offers…


Many many Thanks. i am trying to sell my service through Buyer Request.

Thanks for suggestion.

Put a good Nd composed offer to the request

But that is the issue. You cannot sell your services through Buyer Requests. All you will get is offers from sellers to do your gig. Buyer Requests is for Buyers to request seller services. Read my post “I was just so curious I just had to”. I explain there what I discovered happens if you post a Buyers Request when you are trying to sell your service.

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