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I’m trying to play fiverr course videos on chrome. but not playing though my internet connection is ok… Help Please.

Which course are you trying to watch? I have enrolled one, I just played one video. No issue on video play.

You can try by decreasing video resolution.

Thanks for looking into the matter, @wp_kid.
I can’t even change the resolution. It stuck into “Auto”.

Just for a reference, here’s the link… @wp_kid

Have you made sure that you are using a fully updated version of Chrome?


Yes, Sir… @cyaxrex


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Try pressing Ctrl+F5 and re-trying and if that does’t work, try re-selecting the video or going back to a previous video then the current one.

You could also report it to CS. I had a couple of issues sometimes that meant I had to reload one or two of the videos in a course I think.

@uk1000 thanks, for the suggestion… I tried your way… doesn’t work.

@cyaxrex I just tried updated firefox also…