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About Fiverr Customer Support's Biaseness


Hi everyone,
It’s been two years I am providing services globally and meeting requirements of all my clients.
But when it comes to “order dispute”, Fiverr Customer Support listens is too much biased towards buyers, like sellers ave no role at Fiverr. No matter what the issue is, they just cancel the order, refund buyer and ruin sellers profile reputation on buyer’s request.

Recently, Fiverr Customer Support cancelled my completed order without even asking about my concerns. Now I need to discuss this with some responsible person that listens sellers too not just the buyers.
Please guide me accordingly.
Thanks in advance



Not always the case. :wink:

Nothing any of us here can do I’m afraid. CS have the final say. :sunny:


I’d be more than happy if that’s not always the case.
Why they don’t ask for seller’s concerns before taking final action?


I’m sure it depends on the individual case. You’d really need to ask CS if you want more information.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


if you type “customer support and sellers” in the search bar above you will find lots of posts similar to yours. As @offlinehelpers said there is nothing anyone on the forum can do as we are just buyers and sellers.


Thanks :slight_smile: