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About fiverr order cancel

I am level two seller , i just wonder about order cancel / buyer order cancel system on fiverr, my contract with buyer was, first module custom offer deliver for 1000 USD & 2nd custom offer delivery for 3000 USD. I did step one successfully with 5 start review 1month ago, but suddenly i received warning today for partial delivery (while buyer was agreed with terms & conditions), clients canceled order without any communication, what should i do now?

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Really a bad experience . … You can contact CS and show them the proofs of your works . Hope they will fix it .

ok, i already submit a ticket lets see ,

Its an extremely disappointing situation but here are few things you can do:
Contact support with a proper and well written ticket and provide with them proof of what you have done for the client and spent a lot of your valuable time doing his job.
Convince them that you have delivered as per instructions and the delivery was not partial at all.
Ask them to remove the cancellation effect and return funds to your account.
There are very rare chances of all above demands will be accepted but you can try. If yout case is strong then you can win it with support.
I hope it helps.

:frowning: ok , thank you so much