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First things first, hello to you all!

I would like to start by saying that I’m a bit old when it comes to the date my profile has been created… I could say I forgot about this platform because of my life “turnarounds” but since I was back, I wanted to try it and came out pretty good, except that my first sell was kind of a disaster. I mean, I respect anyone and without doubts I’m that kind of guy who really cares more about others then himself when it comes to work or satisfaction. Anyway… the buyer did not communicate very much though I was texting him about anything I could make/change or review and when I delivered the final product he said it was good, except it is a bit darker… not a problem and without any things said, I changed the project into something brighter as he wanted to… but still, after this, didnt talk or smth and when it came to the rating step, he did something like… 3.5 stars out of nowhere. Pretty stupid things to do, if you ask me… because that’s why some of us are always there asking if everything is ok or if something needs change… to not let things like those happen.
Anyway… my question is… how do I get my rating back up to 90% or over 90? I’m not able to send any offer form now on and I dont think someone’s gonna order from me if that rating is my best right now…

Hope I’ll get some pretty good answears about my “story” or something.
Cheers, lads!


You’ll have to sell more gigs and receive positive ratings to balance your rating.

Best of luck.

Don’t worry. Please refresh your page again. There is no percentage rating system. :slight_smile:

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What? Of course it is… and I quote "You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!"
You get/give ratings anytime you’ll complete an order… so…

If I may… how could I do this now when I’m not able to send offers @buyer requests?
No one will order from a lower one when they have so many options out there.
In my opinion… I dont think this is fair. I mean… why would you go for a 3.5 stars when the order was as you asked. Never saying if it is or it is not ok or at least text me about the design or stuff… but you still go for a low rate. That’s rude!

The thing is that they’re no longer LISTING the rating stars and stuff… but it is not completely out. I mean… the system still knows that you have a lower rate and it does not allow you to offer and so on until you achieve their rating point.

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Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile: it’s really help for other sellers.

Helping with what? :))

It was an unfortunate start!

To be honest, there isn’t really a way back from such a low first rating.

What I would do is contact CS, and let them know you want to cancel this account, and that you’d like to start a new one. They’ll work with you so that you don’t have any problems.

It sounds as if you were very attentive to your buyer’s needs. Maybe overly so? Once you’ve delivered your gig, the buyer doesn’t have to leave a rating, which occasionally can be a blessing (!) - it could have been something as simple as you sent one message too many, and caught him on a bad day.

Anyway, good luck, whatever you choose to do! :slight_smile:


Well, I wont go with another account… that’s a bit of cheating, aint it :)) ?
And I dont think I was that ‘overly attached’ but I wanted to know if everything’s ok so we could finish in a good mood or smth. I really wanted to be kind and not to deliver and that’s it, like my job was done there and dont care anymore… seems like I should’ve better keep it a bit colder, I guess…
I really appreciate that you took your time to reply that for me :slight_smile: