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About Fiverr review exchange!


Please help me!
How can I exchange a Fiverr review?. Right now my fiverr order completing rating is low that’s why I can not be sent a new offer.

so I want to exchange review. but i don’t know that is it legal or illegal.


it is illegal and against the fiverr TOS.

You cannot even ask from the buyer to left the review via messages.

edit: your account can be banned if the buyer report you for asking the buyer to left a review


You must complete new orders
There are no other options
You need to find the market by promoting your gig


Thanks for your valuable information. but how can i get a positive review,


Already i am restricted from sending offer


It is illegal, best thing is to put more efforts in promoting your gig possibly you will get new order. After that you can kindly ask your buyer to give you 5star good reviews and favourite your gig. I hope this helps


You need to find purchasers by promoting your gig


By completing an order correctly and having a happy customer.

Do you understand that exchanging a review is not allowed? That won’t help you. People succeed here by following the rules and doing good work.


i am unable to send new offer because fiverr restricted me from sending new offer.


Maybe it’s because you got an order and didn’t deliver it in time?

There are a lot of bad sellers on this site. Fiverr tries to stop them from making more unhappy buyers. There is no reason fiverr is going to continue giving chances to the sellers who are new and cannot deliver the orders they get.


yes, i was unable to deliver


So why would fiverr want you to have more orders?

There are a million sellers who WILL deliver all orders on time. Why should you get more when you don’t do that?


i was wrong ! but now how can i recover it?


In six years do you know how many times I have been late with delivering an order? Twice, for about ten minutes late.


I don’t know. Ask customer support.


Thanks for help me by your valuable inflammations and you are so much helpful.