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About fiverr rules and regulation


I have no good idea about fiverr rules and regulation. Is it right two fiverr account open using one brodband router but using two different computer.

Abdus Salam


If both accounts are for you, it’s against the rules. Multiple accounts are not allowed. It’s it’s for another person selling gigs in a different category, you would need permission from Fiverr Customer Support at

Using same internet connection

What @fonthaunt said above…
If the two accounts belong to TWO individual, make sure one does not use the other one’s computer to login. You will be banned for sure.

Do not share same MAC ADDRESS and/or IP Address.

You should ALWAYS contact Fiverr support to confirm any confusion/questions that you may have regarding dual accounts.


Thanks for your replay.

I just using one account . But i want to know exact information. We have one internet wifi router. I live with my four friend. If is it possible they want to open fiverr account. Not one computer they have differnet computer. Just one broadband line


So, contact CS and give some details about the 4 people. Make sure everyone has a unique computer and wants to sell in different categories, all will need separate payment accounts, and none can buy gigs from each other. If CS says yes, keep a record. If CS says no, don’t do it.


Thank you so much @fonthaunt .
I want to know this information. I will contact with cs.


Since you say that you have no good idea about Fiverr rules and regulations: have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? That should give you a pretty good idea.


Thank you so much @catwriter.


You’re partially correct. There’s a variety of situations where you can have multiple accounts in the same location and have it coincide with the ToS, but there are strict rules that you’ll need to follow. I’ll include the general gist of things below:

The points you were correct on:

  • Accounts from the same location may not offer the same services
  • Payment information must be unique (same with withdrawal information)
  • The accounts cannot purchase or sell between one another

The parts you missed:

  • You don’t need Fiverr CS permission to do so. Just follow the rules above and you shouldn’t encounter an issue
  • You can have a separate account to sell and to buy (in the event you don’t want all of your information on one account) however the rules above must be followed, such as you cannot buy services using the same payment information that you use to withdraw on your seller account.


It’s better to get it in advance, though, and to save screenshots of it. Especially now, when people are getting flagged even though they did nothing wrong.


Thank you so much @fonthaunt @robotgirl78 @catwriter @djgodknows . I will follow this rule. Realy very helpfull information.


You seem to know quite well about how CS handles things, but with a registration date of Jan 2017 on Fiverr.

So are you a former seller with a secondary id?


@robotgirl78 I don’t advise anyone to proceed with multiple accounts without permission. The number of bans that have happened to those who unwittingly made an account for a sibling are enough to make that a foolish move.

The Terms of Service does not spell out anything regarding the use of multiple account in a household (as of today) and it doesn’t give permission for one person to have 2 accounts for any reason. You appear to be on a new account yourself although you clearly are not a new user. I can see why you might encourage it, but anyone following that example may find themselves in a bind.


Fair enough, however as the main three rules mentioned are followed, no issues should come up. I’m primarily sharing what Fiverr CS has shared with me, so take my advice as you will. =)

If anything, you can always ask them directly as well if my information is accurate, as I’m sure the information will match up.


If you’re really a God, shouldn’t you know the answer already? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, I’m just someone who is very familiar with the rules. You can interpret that in whichever way you’d like =)


My nick is: DJ Godknows.
So sure, w.e.

I will interpret that, based on the history of you responses, that either
a. You are a CURRENT seller
b. Your former seller id has received some Infraction, so you have created a new ID to voice your opinions.


A “Fiverr God” perhaps? Anyway, Customer Support does not back up what you’ve stated. If people would rather believe your newest account, they can take a risk, but still advise against it.


I think the new ID may be for other purposes, but we’ll let staff sort it out. :slight_smile: