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From November I am not getting orders as I got in the past month… Still I am having the problem… Are you guys facing the same problem?
Or can anyone give me any solution how to come out of it please?

Thanks in Advance <3


You could not be getting orders for any number of reasons. Although, I did hear from a few other people on the forum that some sales tend to slow down during the holiday/end of year season, and that has certainly been the case for me as well.

Beyond that, go back to all of the basic things that people talk about on the forum: check your keyword tags, update your gig descriptions, send buyer requests, and be consistent in all of your efforts.

Best of luck.


Thanks much for your reply…
I will surely Check …
But should I update description where the gig was already in the rank?
Would not it down the gig rank?


Same think on this side, looks like all the people on the system are off cuz the holidays, just keep trying i think in next couple of month the thinks comes to the normal again