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I’m not sure “Fiverr Studio” is the best name for it if it’s going to be expanded to more categories/subcategories. eg. studio is okay for design/visual/audio work but if it gets expanded to groups of sellers in other categories it might be better to change the name to something else (or at least in those other categories)

I’m sure Fiverr is pushing some to the first page as whenever I search for “logo” there’s always 4 studio gigs shown on the first page (along with 4 rising talent gigs etc.). When the number of studio gigs compared to normal gigs will be tiny so they wouldn’t always show on the first page if it was by chance.


You make a good point Frank. I’ve noticed lots of profiles marked “studio” on the first rows in some categories.

So now my question is this; if you are a studio lead, can you still have gigs that aren’t part of the studio? And also if you join a studio, is that displayed somewhere on your profile?

I assume you can still have gigs that aren’t part of a studio so it would make sense to mark the studio gigs you have somehow.

I’m not sure this feature is still in beta testing.


I am a studio lead and I can have my Pro and regular gigs regardless of whether I create studio gigs or not.

If you join a studio, which means as a member a lead reached out and made you an offer, it will be displayed on your fiverr profile. (Right where the portfolio usually appears I think)

The feature is not in beta testing, however, I don’t remember any of my Fiverr contacts mentioning anything about the feature after the initial launch.


So if we do join a studio are we then obligated to participate in any new orders that come in to the studio or do we have the option to not participate?

If you join a studio, and a studio gig is created with you in it, you don’t have a choice.

Any order coming in will appear on your dashboard and if any seller on the studio fails to deliver, it will affect all sellers involved.

Reviews also work that way. If I mess up my part of the order and the client leaves a negative review, we all get a negative review.


It sounds a bit risky to be part of a studio. You really can’t go into it with people you don’t know well enough to be able to know you can depend on them.

If only two people are in the studio and you know each other’s work habits well and know each one is dedicated and 100% dependable then it might work well.

Have you invited anyone else into your studio and have they accepted? I looked at your studio page and it doesn’t list any names so I’m not sure if they would show up there or not.

I think it might lessen the risk with enough sellers in the studio compared to one person. Though I think the rating should go with the studio only rather than all the sellers individually, since it’s the studio as a whole’s work that’s being rated.

There might also be issues if a studio lead wasn’t didn’t filter out/cancel the jobs that might be against the TOS//law as that might mean all the sellers could get in trouble if they worked on a particular order. Or maybe if one of the studio members did something bad (like copyright infringement) the whole studio might get in trouble.

The review received is tied to the studio gig but it is still visible on your profile, and cannot be deleted or removed if the studio is gone.

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It would work very well for a collaboration such as the excellent video fiverr recently produced, with several artists and animations. It seems like it’s for very large projects.

So do you need a spellcaster for your studio? :smile_cat:

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Well it’s both for large projects but it’s also a great way to provide a bundle of services to a buyer, saving them time and making it easier for them to get let’s say a video, a website and a social media ad campaign, all by purchasing just one gig.

I think the smartest way to go it find services that can be combined with yours that will make for a stronger end product, not just combining complimentary services.

So for instance a studio where there is an animator and a voice over talent is complimentary. They both make 1 single product.

But a studio where I make a short animated video and then a marketing guru takes it and runs a campaign with it? Now that is a combo that provides value vs just ease of purchase.


but the question is fiverr invites whom

They invite people like @frank_d


You mean to say that they will not invite me ok no problem

There is no need to take things personally.

It makes sense for a platform to want to use sellers with a proven track record when trying all-new features, especially ones like “studios” that require ample experience with selling and facilitating orders.

Why would you need Fiverr studios?

Do you have an idea for a possible collaboration?

Did you hope that if you were a Studio member you could just benefit from sales a senior studio lead would bring?

If it’s the former, go right ahead and collaborate with others to offer more value to your clients.

If it’s the latter, Fiverr studios was made with a lot of things in mind. Allowing new and unproven sellers to take the easy street by coasting, is not one of them.

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I meant people like frank have been here a while and shown they have a lot of ability and a proven track record on fiverr. And as he said, it won’t help someone without reviews or few reviews or who is new to make sales. That’s not the purpose. And it wouldn’t work in that situation.

I’ve been allowed to become a member of a team if I choose to be. It’s because after being here over seven years I’ve established an excellent reputation. Fiverr is sure I wouldn’t make mistakes if I were on a team.