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So, while browsing through the “The Ranting Pot” section of the forum. I just noticed that some posts and replies regarding how ineffective the Fiverr Support is.
Also, I’ve ready that the Report option is some kind of a Placebo.
I just think that the Staff should take action about this issue as soon as possible, since some or most of the problems are involving money, and that’s not a laughing matter.

Although, I didn’t have any experience of contacting support, but who know, I may need it someday.
Just my two cents though. Cheers!

I have not always agreed with the decision of the support rep, but I have had to submit tickets many times and received professional help just fine. Most of the time support reps have answered my questions well or sided in my favor. That includes the tickets I sent before I was a volunteer forum admin.

I’ve also tried to help some people who say they had trouble with CS. So far almost every case. It was the buyer or sellers own fault. They were either
rude or used abusive language, sent multiple impatient tickets or something like that. If CS is spammed they will stop replying.

Well, I think you’re right. Most of the time, reports are just useless rants from the people who are brought down by their own negligence. And some have just no idea what they’ve done at all.

People should be more vigilant towards something that involves money, or especially something that involves money. But, it’s always reassuring to hear that Customer Support should work the way it should, because we’ll never know if someone just made an honest mistake or not.