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I have create a gig about greeting cards. but still no orders from customers?? how i get orders from customers? can you help me??

Customers aren’t going to drop from the virtual sky as soon as a gig is created. Greeting Cards sound promising but not everyone with bite. That said, try to be patient.

Greeting Cards are considered seasonal and may only peak in views around specific times of year; this varies each year. In the mean time, keep doing what you do because customers will eventually come.

The key word, topaz_muse noted… “be patient”. :slight_smile:

Being successful on Fiverr takes a LOT of hard work, and even more patience.

I just had a look at your gig. If possible add more tags like - mother’s day, father’s day, valentine, Christmas, Easter etc. Or change your tags before each big greeting card season starts. Do a search to see what is being celebrated around the world. Have a look at Hallmark or any such company to see what they are promoting and change your tags accordingly.

Also, it seems like you will have to mail your card to the buyer. You can include something on delivery times so they know ahead of time. If you have more samples post the pictures on your gig as well.

I hope this helps and be patient.