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About Fiverr's currency exchange rates and payout


I recently noticed that when I withdraw money from Fiverr (I’m European), it’s never the supposedly correct ammount I get by using a converter online. I’m losing about 9% of my earnings. After doing some research I’ve come to know that there’s no way around this, but the best way to procceed is to cash out in USD, and then do the conversion once the USD value goes up. My question is, how can I cash out in dollars? Fiverr is automatically converting it to EUR, doesn’t give me the option to withdraw in USD. In the bottom right, I’ve got USD selected, as well as on my settings. Is there a way to do this?


I’m in europe, and I get the money to Paypal in USD. What I can’t do is get the money out of Paypal in USD, so I’m stuck with their conversion fee.

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Your settings don’t matter there. You have to pay attention while you withdraw. You can choose whether to withdraw in your local currency or in US$ during the process. For me, after Fiverr introduced the option to withdraw in local currency, it automatically had switched to € but after I had chosen US$ once, now my default is $ again. I still pay attention, though, as I think it might revert back to € perhaps after a site or windows update without me noticing.


But PayPal’s conversion fee is lower than Fiverr’s, from my understanding, right?

But is it under “Earnings” as well? Never noticed that!

I think it’s the same (2.5%). I just prefer to do it on Paypal because there I can choose the timing to convert when the dollar is strong.