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About free stock image


hey…my name is induranga randika and i am a question is “can i use FREE STOCK IMAGES” downloaded from free download sites for my graphic design gigs…i mean human photos downloaded from sites…


Even for gigs that are not in the graphic design category Fiverr will often reject images that have copied content. If you are in the graphic design category you definitely should not use images from anywhere else even if they are free. You want to demonstrate your own skills.


thank u 4 ur reply…


U rrrr ylcm


I’m glad you already learnt this new language, I’m still trying :cold_sweat: but it’s not easy to catch up :sweat_smile:


@pro2cards, theoretically, you might be able to use them if they’re free for commercial use, but a designer who uses someone else’s design just seems incompetent. Buyers will wonder: “Hey, if they’re any good, why not use their own design?”, and choose someone else, someone who’s proud to show their own work.


Thank you, @maitasun, I’m proud of my progress. I admit that I have a personal dislike of this special second language known to native speakers as “Textsp33k” so I am using Rosetta Stone to learn the skills. :stuck_out_tongue: