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About get help by CS

hello, my gig was desappear in 4,5 days ago.i was try to got help from CS and here about reply message on fiverr team for my question.

"### Your Gig status is

: Pending

Your Gigs is not displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace since is is currently being moderated by our Trust and Safety team. The moderation process may last up to 30 days.
If more than 30 days have passed since the Gig creation, please contact a support agent using the link below."

what should i do now.please give me any idea

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The only thing you can do is wait. After 30 days, if your gig is still pending, you may contact Customer Support again.


@catwriter but my gig is showing as active why?

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Possibly because there were no red flags demanding that they deny your gig immediately, so you can still make some sales before the moderation is completed.

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@catwriter but if my gig is not appearing, how can i manage my sales?

@catwriter if i can’t any orders before moderation complete, what will happen to my gig status

No. @thili96, Just contact customer support and tell them. they do approve it immediately. If you have any modification to do with the gig, they will prompt it in your account’s Gigs page. I had the same problem on one of my gig.

Then they’ve prompted me to do the modification in the Gigs section.

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@helloscoopz how can i tell them? i try to contact customer support earlier.but they reply me above message.

Use these two options in customer support portal,

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@helloscoopz thank you very much

@helloscoopz i submitted my issue and how long i will want to wait for their response

It depends, probably within 24hrs.

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@helloscoopz thank you

@helloscoopz thanks a my gig is appearing in search result.