About Getting Badge


How to get the badges from forum? what are the facilities having more badges??


Check this out: ❓🛠 Common Forum Questions ❓ (Extra Tools, Editing, Flagging, Badges and More)


Just to add another thing:

The forum is entirely different from the Fiverr website. Getting badges on the forum doesn’t offer you any benefits on Fiverr such as getting more impressions or orders or levels on Fiverr.

Some people tend to think that’s the case… So, I thought I’d try and clear it up. :slight_smile:


Your importance and activities on the forum is simply summarized by your badges.

The more the badge, the more important you are on fiverr forum


Not really. There are some really helpful people here … and there are people with a lot of badges. The two are not necessarily the same …

The badges are a kind of prize for taking part is all …


Thanks for clarification, brother…



missed a word forum, sleep of ‘words’ or ‘keyboard’ :no_mouth: