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About getting new order


Are the chances of getting work in December and January is lower than other times ???
Or what can it be for not getting as much work as I expected ???
If someone knows then please give me a suggessions…


Perhaps people just don’t need your services right now. :wink:


Both December and January can be slow months. People go on vacation or are just getting from vacation.


yes.i was also thinking that…


Nope, December was my first month without any sales. Still no sales this month. Not sure whats going on but its definitely noticeable. Less available jobs in my categories, all looking for very low budgets, a few trying to get free work. Its been a bad month, On here anyway.


On the other hand, August '17 was my best month, while September was my 2nd worst. My absolute worst was December.

I was surprised, because American parents go on vacation in August and return in September, yet I had a 50% decrease in sales. Then November was pretty great, with a crash in December.


I think you should try lowering your prices to see what happens.


Do you ask for reviews, just out of curiosity?


Exactly what i thought, and did :joy:


Maybe try lowering them until you get some orders :joy:


lolol listen, i already take an incredible pay cut working on Freelance platforms, but because its usually a steady stream of work i dont mind. I definitely wont be lowering prices any further. If there wasnt such a fee associated MAYBE but no lol just cant do it


I don’t, I have a simple delivery message, I tell them that Fiverr marks the order as complete in 3 days, and that tips are appreciated.

Asking for reviews is playing with fire, sometimes the less we said the better.


Its increasing I think day by day.