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About gig delete and create new gig


i am level one seller and already have 6 gigs with 27 reviews. all are 5 stars. but some reason I was no activity in fiverr last few days so my gigs impressions view clicks all gets down. now i want to delete my old gigs and create new gigs. is that ok for me? can any one give me best suggestions?


If you type “deleting and creating new gigs” in the search bar above there are several interesting posts on the subject which you may find helpful.


I think it’s better to delete your gigs & create new one. Because it’s very tough to pull up a downed gig. Remember the reviews will be gone from your gigs, but they will remain in your profile.
Now it’s your choice whether you want to delete or not


thanks bro. i am not worrying about reviews @mrk_39


Just for curiosity I created a gig and I’m unable to delete it as I don’t get such option. People that I’m seller looking at my gig… how to delete my gig