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About Gig Description

Hi, I’ve post few days ago about my gig and asked you’r opininons about it. I’ve changed many things and ask you again How is my gig (Especially description) Thank you a lot. (and yes i’ve read important topic in the forum)

A couple of changes need to be made, especially to your opening paragraph:

  • The noun “logo” is countable, so needs the article “a” before it

  • Also, make sure to leave spaces after periods (.)

If you make the above changes, your opening paragraph will read:

A logo is the best way to summarize your mission and dream. I’ll design a logo for you in a flat, minimalistic and powerful way.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better!


This rule of punctuation generally applies to commas, too.

Your Gig title should read:

I Will Design a Powerful, Competitive Logo For You

Rather than…

I Will Design Powerful,Competitive Logo For You

Because the noun “logo” is considered countable, we also have to add the word “a” at the start of the phrase in which it’s a part of.


I forget about to title, thanks again

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