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About gig duplicates

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask for the community an opinion on one particular topic, which is gig duplicates.

Did it happen to you to find in your category two or even more gigs from the same seller who are completely identical? Sometimes even with a slight change in the gig title (e.g. one word or two), but same gig description, same price, same service offered, and sometimes to even find all of them on top of search results.

What is the right thing to do in this case? Maybe there is nothing to do, but I just thought it can be strange for a buyer to see identical gigs…

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and tips! :slight_smile:



I just came across a seller who has made several duplicate gigs. I wanted to report it but there was no such category so decided not to report anyway.

Matter of sorrow that, :pensive: many sellers did this mistake. it’s is not good. by duplicating others they miss the chance of getting rising star badge. which is a so helpful badge for newbies.

You can report the Seller to Fiverr CS.

I change my Gigs and descriptions frequently to keep them fresh and have never bothered to see if anyone is copying me.

I don’t doubt that someone has, I just have better things to do than worry about that stuff.

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@looseink you said,

you change your gigs and descriptions frequently to keep them fresh

I heard that after making some changes in gigs, the gig ranking decreases. is it true??

Ranking, where my Gigs show up in searching and whether or not I get reviews have no impact on what I am doing here on Fiverr.

I have noticed that whenever I make a change, my numbers take a dip but that’s probably during the approval phase any change is subject to.

I make the changes frequently to keep my Gigs looking fresh.

I’m going to get orders regardless, so I do it to keep myself amused.

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Thank you so much for share your valuable thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: