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About gig edit day by day!

If I edit my Gig day by day. like I had set gig photo one day then another day I had upload pdf after then video. will it bad affect my gig? :thinking:

From what I understand, if you keep editing your Gig, even if you just put a small change “day by day”, this can take your Gig out of the rotation or pages to be reviewed by staff. Do all your edits at once and then leave it alone, so it can find its place in the pages.



No one really understands how the Fiverr algorithm works. However, as @genuineguidance has said, there have been many posts on the forum from people who have regularly edited their gig only to find it disappears from search.

Therefore, make sure your gig is the best it can be before posting it. And if you need to make some changes at a later date, then try and make all the changes in one go rather than making lots of small changes over several days.