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Hello Dear,
I have created 5 GIG and edited them 3/4 times each. But I did not getting expected output. In this situation now I want to edit my GIG again. If I do it now, have any problem? I heard That editing many time is harmful for GIG. Its reduce GIG Performance. Is it true? Please give some idea to improvement my sales. Thank You.

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Dear @aminur87
Editing gig sometimes brings you expected output but not always. If you are struggling for an order for a long time then you should remind in mind that you have a description inside your gig that doesn’t attract the buyers. So, in this cases, I personally suggest editing the gig descriptions and other things you want.

I, like you, have edited my gigs many times. I haven’t got any trouble yet although there is no order on that gig. I have heard from a lot of sellers that frequent editing of gig increases the “denying” risk of your gig.

So, I finally recommend you to edit your gigs with all the required information for a time. Please don’t edit them frequently. First, note the data you want to add or remove from your gig. And after completing your note, showcase them together. Hope, you will get the result.

Best Regards,
Minthal Ahmed Masum


There is no “punishment” for frequent editing.

You can edit your gigs as frequently as needed.

However, every time you do so, your gig is pulled from search results for roubhly 1-2 days for review.

so if you are constantly editing your gigs, no one can find them.

stick to your most recent changes and give it time before you decide to make more changes.


Thanks for this discussion

You don’t change title of your gig