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About gig handpicked

i wana know that how one gig of a seller handpicked twice…first one week before and than now…
i read that handpicked is by fiverr team and its for new seller and only on gig of one seller handpicked and just once…
please only those reply who appreciate and no criticism

Nobody knows what the criteria are, but you got a good answer when you asked before:

I think that if you’ve got any further questions about it, you’d probably be better asking CS.:slightly_smiling_face:


I would suggest to stop looking at other people and their gigs and how many times they were chosen but to concentrate on your own gigs and improving them or investing time in marketing or polishing your skills or learning new skills. Time that you spent monitoring other sellers is a totally wasted time.

I have a very strong dejavu and I’m pretty sure I already gave that advice to you before