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About Gig impressions and Clicks

Want to drag experts attention

I’m a new seller and this true that I’m pretty much worried about my gig :thinking: . My curious mind wants to know how many impressions and clicks is well enough to denote a quality gig for one week aged gig?

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You don’t Need to about Gigs impressions and Click. Mainly your focus should be on the orders you get. If you’re getting orders and good reviews than who cares about click and impressions.


Every category is different, so it’s near impossible to gauge.

For example, one hundred impressions. If it were for ‘logo’ search results, that’s not too good. If it were for ‘quilt’, that would be amazing.


Totally agree with you. We should not care much about impressions. We priority must be the satisfaction of our buyer.

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Thanks But I knew that "Gigs impressions & Clicks helps to rank a gig in the search filter. I mean, if I could get the rank better, the chances of getting an order would increase or not?

Wow :open_mouth:! His (jonbaas) explanation was really clean & bold. Thanks a lot for suggesting me that post.

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Yess! But the click is important because it gives you an idea of the attractiveness of your gig.