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About Gig impressions

I am new at Fiverr. As I am trying to improve my gig. So that I get orders from buyers. I couldn’t find out how gig impression works.
Any tips about gig impressions. How Fiverr calculate it?

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marketing your gig in social market

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I know that. But do you know how they calculate it?

Impressions are just calculated based on how many times your gig shows up on the Fiverr gig listing.

If it shows up 100 times in the search, your impressions will increase by 100. Simple :slight_smile:

You have no direct control over it. Because it only depends on how many times your gig is shown on Fiverr’s search.

You can, however, indirectly increase your impressions by improving your gig (title, description, meta data, gig image, etc) and completing orders successfully.


This is something you’ll get to know with the passage of time.