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About Gig Information Bar

Please I Need Help ,

This is My Friend capture image

This is I’m Capture Image


I don’t understand the problem to be honest - why would you want to add your own gig to your favourites anyway?

Your friend is seeing your gig they way they do because it’s not their gig?


What is the issue here?

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NO Gig Information Bar. example- Count of Favourite, Gig offer , Reviews …

Gotcha - so you’re not seeing the info bar on anybody’s gigs - not just your own.

  1. Are you using Chrome? It’s what Fiverr recommends.
  2. IT Crowd tip - have you tried switching it off and back on again? :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck @djwaruna! :sunny:


Thanks a lot for understand my Issue.
No I’m use UC Browser.
Ok. I Can Change my Browser to Chrome & Try Again.

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I also don’t see it, but in my case it’s because I use the AdBlock extension to purposely hide it :smiley: I like my Fiverr experience personalized, which means hiding lots of UI elements that I don’t need or use (including the Order Completion rate that bugs me and I can’t stand seeing it, so I hid it :eyes: )

Maybe, just maybe, you’re using a similar browser extension that could hide parts of a site?


Dear @Woofy31 & @offlinehelpers ,
I’m Try Chrome & Remove All Extentions (Adblock,…)
Nothing Change :persevere::persevere:

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Please help me . Fiverr CS Also not Response Quickly.

Can’t suggest anything else really I’m afraid. Have you installed anything recently which would coincide with losing the info bar?

CS should reply within 48 hours max - will you miss the info bar for that length of time? Can’t say I use it very much TBH! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m create Fiverr Account in February .And I’m Never seen info bar in Others & my Gigs .

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use another browser or wide screen LED.

I’m try UC Browser & Google Chrome . Noting Happen :persevere:

Don’t worry about it! If you’ve never had it, you won’t miss it!

Just wait for CS to get back to you.


Yeah . Thanks a lot @offlinehelpers & @Woofy31 RESPECT For your Quick help :pray: