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About gig order by buyer without any contact

Some time I found that buyer give order without discuss with seller. After that they have no news till the end of delivery. Many time they become fire.It create some problem to seller even specific “contact me before place order” message on gig. Some time it was found that the work is not relate to gig or the seller is not expert on that gig. In that case seller fail in hesitation, what seller would do? If he/she cancel order it effect on seller portfolio. if seller not cancel buyer will mind. So what the actual steps in that situation. I was faced that situation 2 times. waiting for expert suggestion.

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It happened to me many times… This is so annoying. Fiverr support must do some changes with this problem.:thinking:

Thanks for reply. We should talk about this on fiverr forum that fiverr should take steps or provide mechanism to control about this matter.

I don’t need permission from the seller to order anything from any other website, why should it be different here?

How buyer cancellations are being handled is the real problem. :wink:

Thanks for your reply. handling is not problem. but order something that I don’t have have skill, that is the problem. For example, Seller know wordpress, but buyer order for shopify or squarespace. That is the problem.