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Specialy mention: @jonbaas,
If seller had conversation with buyer. Is it prohbit or not to promote someone else gig.

Example : If there is seller called “A” chatting with his or her buyer and “A” is telling about nother seller called “B” and send his or her gig to buyer.

If it is not prohbit, please explain more about it.

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I don’t think it’s prohibited, but seller “B” might not appreciate it, because you could be sending them a potentially troublesome buyer that neither you nor them may want to work with. It would be best if you asked seller “B” whether you can recommend buyers to them or not, or how they would want you to deal with this situation.

Once I’ve had another seller contact me and tell me about a buyer whom he couldn’t help, he explained why and how I would be able to help instead, I accepted and I got the buyer.

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I am not @jonbaas, (I am prettier :wink: ) however, if I understand you correctly, I had a situation where I had done a job for a buyer and they gave me 5 :star2: stars were were quite happy :slightly_smiling_face: . Then he contacted me through the inbox and wanted more work done.

However, this time the work he wanted was for work that was outside of my capabilities. I therefore looked at gigs similar to mine and suggested a TRS and another seller who had many reviews and seemed right for the work my buyer wanted. He was very happy to have the recommendations. I did not post links to their gigs, only gave him their user names.

I felt good for helping him. He was a very polite and kind buyer. And he thanked me for my help. :blush:


I agree with @Woofy31. I seem to get super chatty buyers referred to me from sellers who are priced lower than me. This often results in long conversations which go nowhere because, whoops! I’m priced $5 to high.

What you can do is message other sellers to ask if they are happy with a referal from you. Also, it can be a good idea to know what a buyers price expectations are before you refer them. There is a TRS animated video maker who I could have referred a buyer to today. However, the buyer in question was obviously looking for the cheapest possible seller and it just wouldn’t have worked out.

Also, be careful. I once referred a regular buyer to another writer due to being busy, and never heard back from them again…


It appears that your questions have already been answered while I was away. :wink: