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About gig renking

Meantime my gig is losing ranking!! How can I back to my original ranking? Please give me a suggestion!

There is no such thing as “gig ranking”. If you want to want to improve your chances of earning more orders, be a great seller whom your target customers need to hire.


You can’t. That’s not how algorithms work.

An algorithm is a program of actions to be performed under a program of conditions, most of which are variable and out of your control. It’s not: if this person does X Y and Z we’ll put her in spot 12 and keep putting her back there if she keeps doing X Y and Z. Doesn’t work that way. It’s impossible to stay in the same place or get back to the place where you were before, unless it’s by coincidence.

I encourage you to look up how algorithms work and how companies use them in business. They are dynamic by nature, not static, regardless of your activities and successes.


Would you check my profile :-

I just offered you a lot of advice and answered your question. You didn’t even acknowledge that or thank me and now you’re asking me to do something else for you.

Your problem isn’t “your profile”. Your problem is that you are entitled, ignorant and rude and you want people to hand you solutions.

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