About Gig Title


Hi Guys,
Is it is beneficial to show hours in your gig title. Like “I will design an amazing flyer in 4 hours”.
It is helpful to get buyers attention??


@digitalartists. Yes it helps you to get some order from potential buyer. Sometimes buyer want their project done in a short time, your titles helps and encourage the buyer to put the order.


yes you are right it can be helpful


Absolutely it can help you to attract some quick buyers who wants a quick turnaround :slight_smile:


Yes I tried it and I got good response from buyers. It can attract buyers


yes, your gig title is sometimes very important for getting orders specially from those buyers who wants their job done very fast.
good luck


Just make sure to not undersell your product. You can always add a fast turn-around time as a gig extra.


I will follow this and will see how much it effects. Thanks for the tips buddy. :black_joker:


Yes sometime your gig picture is enough to get order Some buyers didn’t consider on your gig description, reviews etc. So, for me it is helpful


Welcome.:slightly_smiling_face: Yes you can follow there are some super seller who are also using this kind of gig title.


Yes we can add it as a gig extra. But it is also helpful in getting customers attention and it can insist him to open your gig