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About Gig Traffic


hey If i get Traffic to my gigs from social media platforms will it be a problem to ban my account?


No. You can send as much traffic to your Fiverr gigs as you wish. Doing so is how you gain customers and sales.


I don’t do this!

Is it legal here on fivetr to buy artificial traffic to boost stats?


I’m pretty sure that Jon meant legitimate traffic, not artifical/fake traffic.

If you post your gigs on your social media accounts, anywhere you are allowed to post them as per that site’s rules, and where there are people who might be interested in your gigs, then, sure, that’s great. If people click the links to your gig, it will boost your “Social Clicks” stat and hopefully will lead to orders.

Lots of clicks but no orders because the clicks are from bots or people not interested in buying, won’t help.