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About gig video for my gig

Hello guys, I am new to Fiverr so I have a question about the gig video.
I can not edit videos or use video editing software. So I used an online free video editing tool and published it. Fiverr is reviewing my video. My video has a watermark of that video editing software.
My question is, Am I in any kind of trouble for those watermarks???


Honestly, I would never use a watermarked video to promote my gigs because (1) it’s very unprofessional and (2) could lead to clients thinking that you had used templates even for their work.

In my opinion, just go ahead, pay to remove the watermark, or use free software that won’t watermark the video next time. :wink:


thank you much for you feedback.

While I don’t see any copyright problems (the software makers WANT you to share the video with watermark, that gives them exposure, and it’s not like you’re taking credit for anything you didn’t do), it’s just a horrible business idea. No serious client will buy anything from someone presenting themselves with a third party watermark.

Davinci Resolve is super powerful, Multiplatform, easy to use for simple tasks, and FREE. I don’t know if windows still has movie maker, in Mac OS you get iMovie by default. Both good enough for what you need.

If you can’t learn how to use a simple, free app, you can hire an editor here on Fiverr to make your video for pretty cheap.

You have no excuse.

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You are not in trouble. Just get a good software like VSDC Free Video Editor or Shortcut - an opensource software that don’t leave a watermark. You could buy a video service from other sellers if you can create your own videos.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions.

I use ShotCut. It’s not super easy to use and doesn’t have some features I would like, but there are plenty of tutorials. The main reason I use it anyway is that it’s free, yes, but I also didn’t have to sign up for an account and there’re no ads.

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Thanks for your feedback

As noted already, you do not want to have videos or anything else that indicates that you use public templates. I make very sure all my work, even for my own personal music, stays very far away from formulaic templates.

I do all my video work in HitFilm Express which is free with paid add-ons if you want them. Tacky name but once you understand the concept of how it works (Complied layers - the Editor is for ultra basic work only) you can do just about anything. I have used many of the other film editors over the years and I feel most creative in HitFilm.

As others have said, do not make the mistake of thinking that you need to be a video editor, if it is beyond you, hire in the right person to get it done.


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thank you so much for your suggestions.

If you have the time to spend on learning, I’d also recommend Davinci Resolve. It is not new-user friendly, but is feature-rich and free is a price point that is hard to beat. There’s also a paid version with extra features and plugins, but that is completely unnecessary for most people’s needs.


Maybe you can have a try on the tuneskit acemovi to remove your video watermark, i have use it for a long time, its operation is simle, and most important , it is easier to use than Da Vinci. Using Da Vinci to remove the watermark is a bit of a fuss.

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