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About GIGS , give me your opinion


Hi, everybody
Can anyone get into my Gigs and give me a view on my Gigs ?
Because no one wants to buy from me, despite the advantages added in my gigs :relaxed:


Your tag below your picture doesn’t make me want to buy from you. It, to me, is a mixture of whining and trying to invoke sympathy - neither which work on me.

In your description you say “100% satisfaction or something like that”, no not something like that, either you offer 100 percent satisfaction or you don’t.

“Perfect in English, French, Arabic” but you only list french and english as your languages and even then you say it’s “basic”.

Instill confidence in yourself else your buyers aren’t going to be confident to buy from you.


can u give me ur view now , please ^^


I found your featured portrait images elsewhere online – with different artists claimed as the creators of those images. That begs the question: Are those really YOUR portrait drawings, or did you steal them from other artists in order to use in your gigs?


no . but i can make like those portraits


If you want to be a successful seller, don’t steal the artwork of others. By using those images on your gigs, you are, essentially claiming that YOU created them. Remove them from your gigs. Use your own images. Stealing the artwork of other people, and featuring them as your own, in order to fool people into thinking that you can create images just like that is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Use your own images. Use your own artwork.


Maybe make a few pieces specifically for showing as samples?


i use my own artwork . give me your view now


That’s better. When you show your own work, buyers can see what YOU can do… and those images now show what you have the ability to create.


more than 9 click and no one wants to deal with me


You need to learn some patience or you’ll never make it here


Add original image and then add in other side also how it looks when you draw.
Since you know to draw… please draw some cartoons or objects so people will know that your is not just for face illustrations but also beyond of this.

Take a look at other sellers that offer your services and you will have better ideas.


Start sentences with a capital letter and don’t put a space before a point or a comma. This are basics that never should be neglected.


Thank you :slight_smile:


One more thing, those logos you have in the gallery, did you get permission to use them? Just like using others artwork, using someone elses logo for own commercial purposes is illegal.
Also, I personally wouldn’t advertise with the logo of Nordic Brotherhood. I guess that not too many knows about them, so I guess it won’t really hurt you. But just in case you didn’t know, The Nordic Brotherhood is strongly associated with racism. They might not actually be a racist community, but still… The connection is there.


thank u so much :slight_smile: