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About given low rate after automatic completed order.please HELP!

hello everyone,
my last order was automatic completed in yesterday.but before mark the order in my client was not responded to me.i was given my offer with unlimited revision.but buyer was responded me after 3 days automatic complition of his order.and he given low rate for my service.but there is not my fault.because if the buyer can’t able to responded before automatic marked his order,it’s not my i can’t send offers for the buyers due to atleast 90% possitive rate.
I am a new seller on fiverr.So i am most important about my ratings and reviews for future works.any seller can’t able to do first time 100% satisfy a buyer.therefore i given my offer with unlimited revision.when i ready to do revisions,if the buyer was not responded to me before automatic mark the order,i can’t get the responsible for buyer’s order.So it is unfair to given about low rate and review for my work after marked the order in 3 days.what should i do now? thanks!