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Hi I have seen that market rate is very low in graphic designing. starting from $5.
why it is?


Because all gigs can start from $5.


some gigs with one review have starting rate is $150


That is because those graphic artists have chosen to sell their services for only $5. Sellers can set whatever prices they want, as long as those prices are above $5.


yes you are right. by setting this low price graphic designer do a lot of work but earning ratio is very low.


This is not true.

I start my best selling gig for $5, but I do services over $500.

Starting by $5 doesn’t mean you need to do massive work for this price. you need to limit what you can do for $5 or not.


nice to read your comment. I will follow you


because it supposed to start from $5 for very small changes but there are a lot of sellers provide very low prices for a big amount of work that should cost more than $100 but sadly they accept it and that is bad because the graphic design services competition will be in low rate prices


I start my services from $25!! You are flexible to raise your base price as your earning grows. More on here


If someone is new to fiverr and wants to make sales they need to have a low starting price, so that they can get some reviews. There is nothing wrong with doing this.

New sellers need to understand that it is a testing period, when you have very low prices. You are able to do work which you would not be able to do anywhere else to prove yourself, how good you are. In time you can then raise your prices.


Well, if it takes a person 20 minutes to do the job there is nothing nothing suspicious or unusual about a $5 service. As long as buyers understand they are not getting 8 continuous hours of work for that price.


yes now new seller have to set low price to survive on fiverr. that’s very sad


few people start more than $5. but majority start from $5


you are right. I agree with you. it is testing period. have read all comments?. I compare it with those fields whose starting price is $40.


The unfortunate thing is, that’s not always the case. If someone does “manual background removal 200 image” for $5 then either it’s not 200 images, it’s not manual or high quality, or they’re WAY, WAY, WAY underpriced. Underpriced no matter what.

No one wants to work 8 hours for $5, so my guess is the quality is the one to go.


It’s their strategy in business. But, if their true artist, they will tired if keep maintain that price. Unless if their using template and 5-10 minutes work.


I’m at this point when I think that if someone pays $5 and expects 200 backgrounds to be manually removed with crisp edges and all, it’s their personal problem. One can complain about being scammed and deceived, but there is a physical reality of the universe we live in and then there is a level of delusion that is not compatible with it.

My mother sent 20 ancient family photos to be restored for $10 recently and the results were as hilarious as you can imagine. Said she suspected it was kinda cheap but the deal was just too good to resist.