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About "I AM AVAILABLE NOW" Feature

Greetings Friends, I want to debate on the “I am available now” feature that is added to Fiverr. For me, I see it as something not really necessary because already once you log in on Fiverr the green icon will appear near your profile picture, which simply shows that you are online.

Again, the 5minutes setup for responding to a buyer is not enough for a seller. If Fiverr can extend the time to 15minutes, I think it will help those who like to switch to “I AM AVAILABLE NOW” feature.
Thanks and let’s help Fiverr grow.


In 15 minutes the one who sent you the message has moved on, or has left fiverr completely.

The whole idea is to answer messages immediately.

having that green indicator doesn’t always mean someone is available for work. So sellers try to work the system by leaving their account on and use bots to mimic human behavior. If you message such a seller although showing they are online they won’t reply.

So, in that case, the feature is just by luck, since a buyer will be in a hurry that they can’t wait for 15minutes. That simply means mistakes can transpire. How would a new buyer know the right seller for his/her job?