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About id online

Is it mandatory to keep my id online to find order?

What do you mean? You don’t make your ID public. It’s private to help Fiverr prevent scams.


Your contact info are not for public display.
Even if a buyer asked you about it you are not allowed to share it with them.

Hope that helps.
Good luck.

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Yes my id is public. People click on it . And my Gigs show 9 Impressions 11 Clicks 11 Views 0 Orders 0 Cancellations .But I dont know about It.and im asking that to find order is it mandatory to be online all time? and when i switch off internet connection is there any problem of finding Order?

I think you’re using the wrong word. What you’re describing is not “ID.” You need to tell us what you mean by “ID.”


Im asking that when i switch of my internet connection . will i have any chance of getting message from buyer?

Yes, buyers contact me all of the time when I am off-line. When you log into Fiverr, your messages will be there waiting for you. :wink:

Fiverr gives you 24 hours to respond to messages.

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thanks to all for ur nice co-operation. all of u r help full.

ID doesn’t mean internet connection. Please work on your English.

No, you don’t need to be online all of the time. You must research how online marketing works if you want to be successful here.

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