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I made my gigs almost ten days before and thanks to ALLAH i have got 8 orders due to marketing but still my gig are not showing on first page…suggest me what should i do ?


Hi there! When I search digitized embroidery, yours is on the first page. The search algorithm is a huge mystery and I’ve had problems with it before too. Keep up the great work!


[quote=“dylansdesigns, post:2, topic:152748”]
algorithm is a huge mystery

so what did you do for solving it?


I think Site Searching Is Changed… 1st Page Change EVERY Time


I didn’t do anything to solve it, it kind of fixed itself and it is still a little bit wonky. As designmaster100 said, it changes constantly. You will never reload one page and get the results in the exact same order.


Keep it up! Hard work will pay off, but you will likely need more than 8 completed orders to show up on the homepage! Good luck :slight_smile:


abubarker7 bro how u got orders quickly, i have spent 1 week but i didn’t get any order can u plz help me ,


H, there please can someone tell me how to enter first page?


Keep working hard and be patient.
PS. Not sure if it’s the right category for your thread.[quote=“elite01_writers, post:8, topic:152748, full:true”]
H, there please can someone tell me how to enter first page?

You provide content writing service yet your own gigs are full of grammar mistakes. Start with that.