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which file format of ebook is acceptable by kindle? i think azw3 ? isn’t it?


Kindles can read .mobi and .pdf – just be sure for the .pdf that the file is calibrated to fit the Kindle screen. Epub is another one but .mobi and .pdf will likely give you the least amount of problems.


Kindle can also read mobi.

I’m pretty sure about epub too…


Reply to @mark74: i have sent the azw3 and mobi formats to the buyer. he is claiming that he is unable to view them. what should i do now?


It’s impossible: mobi file is the free one, unprotected and so it can be read without any problem…


Reply to @rabiaucp: What program do you use to open an azw3 and mobi format with?

Does that open in a microsoft Word document? I would have no idea how to open any of those files either.

I am wondering if the buyer is expecting to see a “proof” kind of copy of the eBook you are creating for them. Can you save it as a .pdf as well for them? It’s not going to be a real preview of course of the way an eBook renders on a kindle, but if they are looking to see their finished work it may be the only way to do it.

But isn’t .ePub the standard format? And why are you asking and saying “I think” Have you not ever created a fil for Kindle? Surely there is a page with a list of acceptable formats. But even if the format is correct, you have to send something to the buyer to visually be able to see or preview on their own Kindle in some way.


Here is the list and be sure to read the notes for each one, there is a note about MOBI files you have to use their software to create it in order for it to be accepted. So from looking at this list and depending on how you made the mobi file, you very well may have delivered files to the buyer that do not work:


Reply to @mark74: It could be the buyer is trying to see it in their Amazon account, and Kindle has a note about mobi formats in their list.


Reply to @sincere18: oh well, I don’t know honestly. What I can say is this: if I transfer a mobi file inside my Kindle memory (using usb cable), I can find the book in my Kindle device and I can read it without any problem.


Anyway if you want to convert an ebook among various formats a Kindle can read, please take a look at a free software named Calibre. I won’t post the link here as I’m not sure it’s against Do’s & Dont’s… but Google is your friend.

So if you have a valid azw3 you can convert to a valid mobi (or epub) using Calibre.

Hope this helps…


Reply to @mark74: so is that how the buyer is trying to view it? Perhaps you may have to just tell them how to do that.

ON the other hand it may not be wise to assume that every person wanting to create a book for Kindle actually has a Kindle I would think as a seller you should also offer a way for someone to view it without one. Or make sure to clearly state in your gig what format the file will be in and what they need to view it.


Reply to @sincere18:

so is that the buyer is trying to view it?
I don’t know, I’m not the seller here…

I’m just trying to help with my 2 cent tips, but I know nothing more than you…