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Our mission at Fiverr is to create the platform for the future of work. Our marketplace is already changing the lives of millions of people who have chosen to lead the freelancing lifestyle. And today, we are proud to introduce another product designed to help freelancers sharpen their skills - we call it Learn from Fiverr™️.

Skill development on fiverr

That’s great. I saw a couple of courses that look interesting to me.

Could you consider the option of letting us buy courses with our balance or PayPal/Payoneer, please, as the PayPal/Payoneer data are already recorded with Fiverr anyhow, and few people want to hand out more of their financial data than needed?


Hi there,

Is there a certificate after taking the course? Thank you


I would really like this too. I dislike using credit cards online and PayPal info is so easy to manage.


if someone have no paypal what would be happend?


Nothing . You currently need a credit card to buy a course.


thank you so much for your information


That is actually Great :slight_smile:


Just got a mail with a code for some % off if I register within 72 hours.
Again, Fiverr, as those mails are noreply’s, you can rather convince me if you let me pay the same way you pay me, PayPal and/or balance, than with a few % off.


Amazing idea! :slight_smile: I checked few tests on social media and they was great! Thanks Fiverr!


As much as I love the idea, I have a few reservations.

First, is Fiverr going to use these courses as a scoring factor for ranking gigs and sellers? I hope you don’t, because these courses should complement sellers’ prior knowledge garnered elsewhere. Many sellers are already pros at what they do and, truthfully, may not need an extra certificate from Fiverr to prove this.

But If Fiverr uses this to rank sellers it’s going to mean the platform is prioritizing the courses as a new stream of income that promotes an unhealthy system where sellers simply rush to acquire certifications. That’s kinda how the real world works and it sucks! And because it sucks that’s why sellers decided to go into freelancing as a side op.

So Fiverr, don’t use this as a judging criteria going forward or anytime soon.

Second, like others have said, you really should allow allow users pay for courses using their balance on Fiverr. It truthfully doesn’t sound right to have to use credit cards and still incur costs from processing when you already have cash on the platform. So please consider this.