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Need help! I’m still new on fiverr. I got my first buyer, and I do voice over. The conversation was like this:

X: Hi. How many words for 1 gig? Is commercial license included? Thanks

Me: 200 words for 1 gig. No commercial license included (I didn’t check the commercial license box). What language you want me to voice over? English or Indonesian?

X: The voice would be Indonesian. How much is the license? (Then he asked me again about the license, what should i do?) Thank you.

When the order was placed if you hadn’t checked the commercial licence box or mentioned a licence fee in your extras or description then as per fiverrs terms the buyer gets all rights.

As a buyer of tons of voice over her on Fiverr I would say you should charge $5 or $10 extra for the commercial license if you want to keep him as a return Buyer.


@fonthaunt: We shall have to agree to disagree. If the Buyer is asking a price for commercial rights then give him a good price. $5 or $10 seems very reasonable. I agree that giving it for free may get the return Buyer… but then it may not.

If someone has a great voice that I want or need then a few extra bucks is never a deal breaker for me. I just pass any extra cost on to MY commercial buyer.

Don’t ever sell yourself short and take less than you feel you are worth.

You can also just tell the buyer that you do not charge extra for a commercial license and that they would own all the rights as stated in the Fiverr Terms of Service which you can read here

Give them the link so you both know what terms you are bound by.

Is that the reason that you have turned off the commercial license fee, that you are not charging extra but it’s ok for them to use commercially? I know some buyers get nervous because some buyers have written that they have t pay extra when the job is done so they can have commercial rights. So just be clear about whether you are charging or not.

I’m sorry but I must say I disagree with @anigrams advice. I know some sellers are all about charging as much as they can for everything, but new sellers can hurt their chances at long term business this way. Since you don’t have a clear understanding yet about the license, why not give the buyer a great experience and free rights to use the delivery and hopefully get a super review?

After you have a level or two and more experience, then you can think about charging more. I would just tell the buyer that the license will be free as a thank-you to a new buyer but mention that you may add license charges on future orders. If your returning buyers really like your work, they will come back for more even with a small license fee or just higher rates later on.

Reply to @anigrams: I do see your points, so the disagreement is respectful by all means. :slight_smile:

Reply to @anigrams: I agree in your situation a few dollars is very reasonable but that is also because you are then reselling it to someone else, I think it is a little different if it is a direct person buying for themselves. You are already marking up the prices an independent buyer buying for themselves is not and it is at face value.