About Links On Gig Descriptions



I have a youtube channel that showcase my works as buyers ask for portfolio. Before I have added youtube links in my gigs, I have opened a ticket and ask that it is allowed to add my youtube links in gig descriptions. CS wrote me that I can add youtube link in my gig description, so I have added them.

It is also written here youtube links are allowed https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/what-urls-can-i-use-in-my-profile-or-gig-description

Now, 2 of my gigs denied as there are a youtube link in descriptions. I have contacted CS and explain the issue. I have send them that message “They are my youtube links and it is allowed. Is not it?”

And they write me back "I am sorry, no that is not allowed. I have added a article below of the URL’s you are permitted to use.

What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?"

If you click the link there is written youtube links are allowed. I am really confused. Even CS do not help me.


You’ve got 18 active gigs, and YT links in the gig descriptions. Have they put them back up for you?


Now there are 2 denied gig. I really do not know what was happened. I just got 20 notifications for each gig and now there are only 2 gigs denied. But CS wrote me that I should remove all youtube links from all my 20 gigs.


Could it be because you’ve got ‘Please contact us if you want a video’ on the YT video descriptions?

Would it be better with a link straight back to your gigs?


Possible :slight_smile:

However each youtube channel show contact email.


But by saying ‘contact me’ you’re explicitly asking viewers to contact you rather than visit a Fiverr gig?


But the answer is not that which I got from cs. They say youtube links are not allowed.


Well, I guess you’ll have to ask them again then…


The reply is same :slight_smile: I am now waiting reply from Editorial Team. I think there is some misunderstanding, or something that you’ve pointed.


UPDATE: Editorial Team has approved them again.


That might have been the reason since you are not allowed to share other contact details.


Maybe auto denied :slight_smile: They approved them again. The reason was gigs including youtube link and youtube links are not allowed in gig descriptions.