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About message from new client

Hello! I hope you are well, I have a strange problem this month my gig impression is fine for one of my gig but I have 6 gig Wordpress Services, The problem is last 30 days I get only 5/6 message from new client… I was working all of my old clients last 30 days…Why this is happening because I did not get message from new client…Please help me about my issue, I am frustrated if this is continue then i did not get new client …Thanks

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It’s not strange but absolutely normal. Maybe nobody needs your service anymore?


There are two things you should do:

1.) Be patient. You are not going to be busy all the time.

2.) Take your success into your own hands and market and promote your gigs elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located. You have the ability to find and bring in your own customers too.


Sometimes its needed to improve or modify previous gigs, i am just suggesting you, you can check out the top gigs regularly, you will see the difference :wink:

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Thank yoy so much for your reply…Trust me If you search “Demo Install” my gig will be found on top 4…Last 10month I received message minimum 1 per day and suddenly last 30 days I receive only 5/6 meesgae which only 2 client I have worked…Is that frustrating right?

Yes, I can see how that would be frustrating. Just keep in mind, Fiverr does not guarantee sales, so when sales are lower than you would like, it’s up to you to market and promote your gig elsewhere, so that your target customers know where to find you.

Your success is YOUR responsibility.