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About multipal accounts

Please somebody guide me can i run multipal accounts on the same pc? i learn t from different blogs that we could run multipal accounts does it against FIVERR TOC?

It’s possible for more than one person in a household to have their own accounts on Fiverr, but I’m fairly sure it’s still against the ToC for one person to hold multiple accounts.

Unfortunately, some blogs and e-books suggest ways to “game” the system - ways that will get you banned if you get caught.

Thank you for your kind reply! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Best wishes!

It is against TOS and most likely if you get caught your account will get banned. If you really have different people in your household who are interested in working on Fiverr offering different services I would suggest 1 account with different gigs or else you would need to contact customer support first and ask them for permission.

Take it from someone who used to run 2 accounts before I got established… They will find out … and it will kill your business (by about half your income on fiverr effectively) when they do.

Just … Don’t do it. You’re only going to shoot yourself in the foot.

Another person in the house with their OWN account is okay.
My wife and I operate the video store here with her doing scripts and her own videos and myself doing scripts and videos. So far no problems working both on the same computer and different devices within the home. So as long as you arent outright copying your gigs its okay.