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About my balance


i sale a gig at $5 3 days ago…But still its show 0 in my personal balance and in pending balance its show 4 dollar. why its not showing in my personal balance? please suggest me…


Ow no problem Your balance just waiting for clearance of 14 days. It place your personal balance is after 14 days when clear your fund. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes dear
It takes 14 days to clear funds
So dont worry and keep going your work with fiverr


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for all the details as to how Fiverr works.


thanks for your kind information


After 14 days you will able to see Your balance


thanks for your kind information


you can keep track of your earnings under Selling/Earning section.


Don’t be disappointed. You will get it after 14 days than you delivered the assignment. keep continue with fiverr…


you can click selling>earning to see current position about your earning.