About my first week first sale gig


Hello to all.

In fact I tried to buy a gig like 3 years ago from fiverr. After this I didnt imagined I can also sell my abilities here.

And last week I posted couple of gigs. Couple of days ago I sold my 1st gig successfully. I am in web business for more than 15 years. Any ideas to promote my gigs?


Thanks for your replies.

Kindly Regards.


Anyway. Thank you… At least I saw your gigs and had a new idea :slight_smile:


It seems you are my competition… Forgive me for not being helpful! :stuck_out_tongue:



Congratulations for crossing over to the sellers side! :slight_smile: Just browse through old threads in the “Tips for Sellers” categories, you’ll find tons of useful tips there


How Can I add gig extras? Anybody has idea? Should I pass any amount sales before that?


Since you’re selling your time $10/hr. Give us a sense of what a task takes.

To code a webform or survy with 10 field - 1/2 hour

To code a blah blah 1.5 hours.

Just as a guide.

Um, give even more ideas of what PHP can be used for by someone.


Thank you so much for this great idea. I will make it asap.


I changed and added new information. Please tell your ideas.


hi again. Christmas is great for gigs I think. I get 4 sales to my this gig last night.


Any ideas for improvements?


I have a question and I thought no need to open new subject.

How Can I change my country flag in my profile?

Any ideas?


You will get Gig Extras when you are a level one seller. Sorry I lost this topic and let you ask all those questions without answers.


You cannot change your own flag, CS has to do it and there has to be a reason it should be changed. IE, my VA is from X and I’m from Y and I have the flag of X and Would prefer the flag of Y.


I see you’re on your way. 4 Feedbacks. You’re likely more than half way to level 1 seller. At worse, if every order has left feedback, you need just 6 more for “extras”


Thank you so much. Greatly helped.


Good Luck Will Order Whenever Need:)


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: Thank you so much.


Congrats on your first order!


Do you have a tattoo on your neck for real?


Reply to @anarchofighter: Nah Thats Not His. Google:P


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: you are right. When I create account here I found this in google. But this is good point time to change this.

BTW. I have already 5 sales. Not bad. :slight_smile: