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About My Fiverr Account


I have created my Fiverr Account in December, 2015 but I did not work there for my personal issue. But recently I have started work in fiverr using that old account. In this case , have any bad impact for my service? Actually I want to know that, am I would face any problem for this. Please Help Me. Thanks to all.


Hi there,
In my opinion, you haven’t any bad impact. :slight_smile: I guess you have a good opportunity to start again. :blush: Welcome to the community. Wish you all the best. Keep in mind. You have to do a lot of works to do for your success. :slight_smile:


Actually I believe account age is not effect for selling in my experience :smiley: because I started work with 1 year old account in 2014 but I hadn’t any problem about account age :sunny:
I hope you can do selling as normal seller only you need to create awesome gigs and do your best for buyers… best of luck :blush:


Dear there are,
I have experience in this sector, Because this account also created in 2015 but I didn’t any work for my study with job. Now a days I’m trying to sell my services.
I want to explain with joy that "It’s not metter about your account age, it’s the highly matter about your skillness and experience.
Thank you


There´s no problem about that! :slight_smile: Focus on having good reviews and doing a great job!


Account age is no matter.