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About my gig being removed

Hello everyone, please I had an issues with a buyer after I delivered the service I was offering he never applied the method and was busy complaining that I should refund his money after the order was marked as completed, so I tried fixing things with him I told his to give it a try because I have other clients who did it and it worked well for them, so after all it took around 7 days and fiverr removed my gig and canceled his order please what can I do about it should I contact fiverr CS or not below is the message I got from fiverr
““Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig show you a guaranteed method to make money online due to the following reason/s:
It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers.””"


It’s a game, somebody gets remove of the gig faster somebody in a while. Otherwise u have break the rules by proving service what is not allowed… If u would be u, i would recheck the TOS

Thanks I apprentice your response