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About my gig rank

I’ve done everything unique and continue marketing but my gig are not getting ranked why?


Your gigs ALWAYS have a rank. It just may not be as high as you would like it to be.

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thanks for response but I want it on my first page

You cannot control where your gig appears in search results, so it is best not to worry about it. Just be a great seller, who delivers great work, and make sure that you are taking the time to reach out to your target customers and tell them about what you do.

Be a doer. Be proactive.


thanks but i’m not getting sell

i’ve done 42 work but need 8 more on this month otherwise i can’t go level two

please help me

I cannot help you with that. No on on this forum can help you with that. YOU are the only person who can work toward achieving your goals. YOU and only YOU.

Be a doer. Be proactive.


i know but i’m not getting sell

Use Buyer Requests daily.