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Hi everyone,

My name is Ratheesh.I am from India. I have more than 6 years in the field of web designing. I am a seller in fiverr for about a month now. By God’s grace I am an L1 seller now and I am on my way for L2 :)(Quiet a challenge,but am very excited about it!!!). I thought I would utilize My Fiverr Gigs forum to introduce some of my gigs.

I have a total of 5 gigs.

1) I will fix any HTML css bugs for $5 (

This is my most selling gig. I have earned 90% of my income from this gig.

If you have any issues relating to html/css/UI in any of your website…I am here to fix that for you… :)…check my gig to know more… :)…It’s an express gig and I have a 100% positive rating so far.

2) I will design a web page in HTML5 and css3 for $5 (

This is my kickstarter gig. I got my first sale through this gig. If you have any brilliant ideas and you are waiting to convert your ideas to a webpage,I can help through with that for you… :)…Check out my gig for more :)…

100% positive rating so far.

3)I will convert any PSD to html for $5(

This is actually my favourite part… :)… if you are an expert in graphic designing and you already have a layout in the form of a psd…I would be very happy to convert it to a proper html page… :)… check out my gig for more :)…

Unfortunately I havent made any sales so far with this gig… :frowning:

4)I will create WEDDING invitation templates for $5(

Actually,it all started out as a hobby!! Most of my colleagues and friends would come to me seeking for a wedding invitation template.And fortunately,everyone kind of liked my design and one of them suggested to make it as a business!!.I was really excited and couldn’t think of any better option than… :)… check out my gig if you want a well designed wedding template within a day… :)…

Unfortunately I havent made any sales so far with this gig… :frowning:

5)I will create a photo COLLAGE for $5(

Though it hasn’t earned me any income,this is my personal favourite… :)… The collage I have placed as a cover photo in my gig is actually a real one ,of me and my best friends and I have gifted this one for a best friend of mine on her sent off party… The pic has nostalgia written all over it… :)…If you are also interested in these kinds of nostalgic moments…dont forget to check out my gig… :)…

I am quiet surprised that this gig hasn’t been productive yet :frowning:

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:


Ratheesh R

Hello Ratheeshr,

I watched your gigs and they look pretty good!

I think that with an awesome promote your gig will be ordered for sure!


Reply to @superbak: Thanks a lot… yours look good too…and I see you are just 15 years old…good going kid… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you budy :smiley:

You did an excellent (FAST) job for me, and I’ll be sure to add you to my list of favorites! Thank you, Ratheesh.

Reply to @superbak: welcome :slight_smile:

Reply to @kissreviews: thanks a lot Christine,

I will be more than happy to help you :slight_smile: